Under the Moon and the Sun

by Armath Sargon

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Luke D Visscher
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Luke D Visscher Allow a layer of the mire of filth that surrounds us be lifted. One joyous note at a time. I thank the Lord that he gave this man the need and ability to create this. Favorite track: Behind the Dark Forest that Wounds my Soul.


"Hands of mankind show nothing but the lack of love. Heart of violence and rebellion. Lust is the same as it was in the ancient days. Eager to rip off the weak ones. Masters of disaster by the lack of their love. Jesus Christ cries to see this lack of faith... nothing different under the moon and the sun."

From the northern Scandinavian lands of Finland, welcome a passionate and yearning underground production that is Armath Sargon. Toss aside any preconceived notions about extreme metal and the dogma of black metal origins. Armath Sargon's latest creation "Under the Moon and the Sun" is a fresh and uniquely new listening experience that cannot be rightfully compared to other artists of adjacent metal genres.

The entire album is a unique touch of subtle melancholic-introspection in the wake of utter eternal truth, besprinkled with a touch of Scandinavian black metal roots, elements of the symphonic and laced with catchy doom atmospheres that smear all over one's eardrums, painfully, yet beautifully unraveling within the innermost being. Straight to the heart of the matter and biblically based on the truths of ancient scripture and the love of Jesus Christ, Armath Sargon will uplift your soul amidst the mire of filth around you.

Purely uplifting music. "Under the Moon and the Sun" is the healing balm for the soul and the peace for your mind. Unlike Armath Sargon's pervious material, "Under the Moon and the Sun" is superior in every form and fashion. This is a big step up in production efforts and sound for Armath Sargon. The songwriting and lyrical content are more in-depth and intentional then previous albums resulting in a more fuller, mature sound with high-quality packaging and artwork that will become a favorite to all who love Scandinavian music but want something more and something different.

Forget everything you know about and come to expect with underground black metal music, whether Christian or secular. In terms of shear listening enjoyment, without the need for head smashing brutality and over-produced sound, this album is nothing shy of being totally fun! Multiple spins of the tracks will undoubtedly weave a deep connection within you, reminding you of the musical flow of "Under the Moon and the Sun" in the darkest of human times. It has the elements of Ceremonial Castings and Children of Bodom interwoven with a melodic, power metal style mood and lightening quick guitars. Formed on the foundations of black metal, a raspy, thrash-like voice pervades alongside elements of folk and dark ambient adventures. Reminiscent of Forgotten Land, Holy Blood, Eluveitie, Miseration-catchy! Some words to describe it: uplifting, joyous, creative, and mysteriously light for being extreme metal. A great and wonderful sense of urgency flows from the onset of this album until the closing. It is fantastic how this album raises the spiritual awareness of our fleeting mortal lives and the urgency to share the gospel with a dying, careless world!

"Ancient wind, let me be in it. Ancient breeze flow through me. Purify me from the filth of the world. Lead me among people that have ears to hear."


released December 1, 2012

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