State of Freedom

by Black Leather

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Hey, shut your mouth, rip out your voice. When I heard your stupid rules, my face is transformed. It's deformed, global government, covert murderer, authority terrorist... puppets from hell"

Hit the streets and preach the truth is the anthem of Black Leather. Crusty, groovin', blackened punk metal is the mode of operandi for this war cry of the soul. A militia with the heart to reach the lost, preach the truth at any cost, and give evil a good smack around! Indeed, from the master mind that has brought us Diamoth, Anima Mortuum, and the lesser known ambient project Syhirious Meh Ihrnthlaier, Psychotherapist Zvi Tacussis diagnoses the root cause of the spiritual symptoms prevalent in society... sin! Be it corruption, lies, blasphemy, the origin of species, governmental terrorism, or the occult, this doctor of psych is not bashful in pointing the finger to the only solution for the pandemic, being that of Jesus Christ.

Overcome by his desire to understand the human mind, our resident psycho-metal-therapist, works at a drug and alcohol rehab center with group therapies during the day and at night brings light into the darkness continuing the process of further breaking down the mental and spiritual diseases possessing millions! As stated best by Dr. Psych himself, "In Chile and in the world, it is not common to find Christian psychologists, but I am one. It is less common to find Christian psychologists delivering the word of God and giving a word of salvation, but I am one. First I'm a Christian, saved by the blood of Christ, then I'm a psychologist. In my work I utilize methods that are justified on a theoretical framework in psychology, but I also work with the presence of God and I speak about His wonderful wisdom in His word. Therefore, Black Leather is a catharsis of my experiences, I cannot say that with Black Leather that I had the intention to evangelize, but on the other hand, rather to talk about my experiences. Black Leather is a moment where I sit and pull out all that is in me, putting everything good and bad at the foot of the Cross of Christ, some songs are psalms, others are spiritual war, others are cathartic vomit."

The doctor of psych, like a mad scientist, formulated quite a brutal brew for your listening desires when he pulled from the musical influences of newer Darkthrone and Celtic Frost, binding them as one with monster beats of Junker Jorg-like attitude, a hint of old school Mortification and rebel themes of the underground. Tough as nails! Behold warriors a it's total punking black metal! Crusty as all get out and ready to rock deep into your bones!

Guest vocals by Fire (Elgibbor, Fire Throne, Katumus) on the track "Infernal Kingdom" seals the deal with the mind of black metal raw and real.

"Crude words, true undersound. Sounds in the streets. Evil is crushed. Strong grace, we are the underdogs. Killing demons in spiritual camps."


released September 1, 2013



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Nokternal Hemizphear Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

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