Northern Chronicles of Worship: Autumn & Winter

by Armath Sargon

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Dave Hodges
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Dave Hodges This is truly Armath Sargon's crowning achievement. This is a massively epic masterpiece of black metal infused with folk and symphonic elements. It's as if Emperor were playing Blood Fire Death. Fans of epic black metal do not want to miss this one. Favorite track: The Bible.
Luke D Visscher
Luke D Visscher thumbnail
Luke D Visscher Buy this album! so many amazingly epic moments abound! This truly speaks to my soul. I believe GOD has given this man great power in music, and we need to appreciate it. Favorite track: Left Behind (Perfection Complete).
Matthew Smith
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Matthew Smith This metal is like soothing medicine for wounded souls. Rhythms fast and furious are juxtaposed with melodies epic and full of wonder with lyrics which speak of the spiritual nature behind the veil of the mundane. The guitar work is wonderfully melodic and the melodies are enhanced by the folky symphonic elements which are layered with atmospheric excellence. This album is pure artistic integrity. Favorite track: The Mist that Summons Souls.


“It feels like the summer of my life is gone. I see that my wounds still exist. I see them as deep as an endless fall, but there is always hope ahead.”

The son of the north returns with his quintessential and signature melodic sound! Northern atmospheric black metal of a unique and progressive blend, Armath Sargon brings us his latest production that staunchly rivals his phenomenal work on “Under the Moon and the Sun” (2012). Outdoing himself, the soundscape of this release is vast and wonderfully captured in a beautiful 2 CD gatefold digipak with a colorful 12 panel booklet full of the landscapes of Autumn and Winter. Each album must be listened to in its entirety in order to absorb the full environment and experience of the journey. Each track unfolds into the next creating an enchanting and powerful aurora. Driving rhythmic drums meld with neck-snapping guitar work and keyboards that wrap the sound together as one. Armath Sargon’s vocals return to his typically raspy style of growls, slightly haunting clean throats, and heavenly spoken passages with a wondrous Scandinavian tongue. We at Nokternal Hemizphear Records are honored and proud to release this tremendous package of metal that speaks to the soul of mankind’s depravity, darkest moments, and the light of utmost victories!

“This coldness in my heart, it has been there so long. It had driven me in vanity and fallen insanity.”

Northern Chronicles of Worship: Autumn & Winter is not a production praising the Creator for His creation as much as it uses the seasons as metaphors, allegories, and representations of an individual’s strife, battles, doubts, triumphs, and eternal security in the wake of the turbulence that surrounds.

“The memory that once was, now is gone. Soul in this captivity has no hope. Neither cold or hot but lukewarm. Sense the sin that you are in.”

This dual release is a retelling of Armath Sargon’s personal experience and journey throughout life. His ups, his downs, as well as Biblical truth about the realities of darkness, things to come, serenity in the arms of the One True God, and the tormenting price of rejecting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

“Jesus makes the mist vanish away. He lets the light prevail in this day - to die is gain!”

Giving exaltation to the Creator for His divinely mystical, yet tangible ways that He interweaves our human existence into the greater fabric of time, through Armath Sargon’s musical story, we can witness glimpses of the cosmic battle we are amidst. We can also listen as the music takes us from the epic comprehension of life and the hereafter down to the most minute aspects of the seasons intelligently designed. Watch the leaves turn and fall. Breath in the cold air as the first snow fall arrives. Partake in the whitened glory of the lands in winter.

“Thank you O’ Lord that I was born here! I love to be son of the north and yours!”

*Take note, the artist has purposely included musical sounds, sound effects, and other elements to enhance the dramatic impact of the atmosphere throughout both albums.


released April 20, 2016

Armath Sargon: Instruments, programming, and vocals
Recorded in Kalma Studio Jyvaskyla, Finland
Drum sounds made and recorded by Erka
All music and lyrics by Armath Sargon
Artwork and layout by Nokternal Hemizphear Records
Logo/symbols created by Nokternal Hemizphear Records



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